“But the deliverance I bring will last forever”
Deliverance is at the centre of the Christian lifestyle. It is essentially the reason for prophecy given in Isaiah about the messiah, Christ’ coming and the fulfilment of God’s salvation will for man. The album theme “ Uboho Mmi “ meaning “ My Deliverance”  echoes by revelation the scriptural theme upon which the entire Christian life is found. It reflects the depth of relations between us and God, this we see in the expression that is ours as put forth by the artiste. This declaration which voices our belief, faith; thankfulness and surrender to the one who is, who was and who is to come. Who has made us his children in Christ Jesus, the God who loves and always will love us and have called us to be as he is for our blessings, the blessing of each other and his glory.

The six tracked musical work is a narrative which can be related to by all Christians who have or are seeking a deep relationship with God. The ordering of the tracks takes one through scriptural revelation. From our conviction comes the confession of faith visible in the “I believe in God”, to the acknowledgement of the many miracles received daily featured in “Nsuto Utibe Mkpo” Fr Louis brings us to the triune climax with the overall adulation of the source of our miracles, our liberator and salvation in the track “Uboho Mmi”. The second phase of the album opens with, “Never Forget” a reminder that we should always remember our God in all things and at all times. It ascends in the prayer request expressing our resolved to always be in God hence the track “Keep My Soul”. The entire work climaxes with the praying of God’s presence and blessings on his people by the priest in line with his duty as God’s servant while reminding us of our obligation to God in his commandment, statutes and principles hence the track “You Will be Happy”.

The creativity and ingenuity employed by the sound engineer to blend as one a combination of the contemporary strings and wind instruments, the drums and the traditional accompaniments; not only add thrilling, soul-touching instrumentation to the rich revelation lyrics but also balances the African cultural musical background with a perfect spice of traditional singing enjoyed across board. Suffices to say that, Fr. Louis Abasi have given us Christians a powerful worship tool which encompasses essentially the person of God and our relationship with him. Hence the CD is a powerful work tool that we all should have at home, in our car or offices for praise, prayers and positive word declarations.

This heart-lifting and deeply reflective mode conveyed by the combination of the perfectly blended strings, piano and saxophone spiced by the traditional accompaniment ushered one into that intimate meditative and contemplative prayer as the artiste Fr. Louis Abasi warmly and spiritedly eulogizes God in complete adulation essentially for his person, his presence in our lives and the many miracles he blesses us with daily known in Christianity as thanksgiving. Through his declaration, we connect ours as Christians especially as we call to mine the imperfection of man experienced through the different relationships. 

The song re-echoes God’s never-failing relationship as posted in Isaiah 43:1-3. “Israel, the Lord God who created you says, do not be afraid, I will save you. I have called you by name, you are mine; when you pass through deep waters, I will be with you. Your troubles will not overwhelm you. When you pass through fire, you will not be burnt. The hard trials that come will not hurt you, for I am the lord your God the holy God who saves you”

The song brings consolation to people who have been betrayed, have lost and felt broken, to people who have been judged and rejected by pointing them to the God is love; whose love and friendship have been ours long before we knew him and will always be regardless until the end of time. A passionate call to you and I, indeed all people and races to put all of their faith in Him for a refreshing new life.  The song is suitable for an intimate worship experience either alone or with family. It has lifted my spirit especially as it met me at a time have had to, by revelation, test the people around me to know indeed who my real friends are. The hurts melted away in the midst of worship as I am reminded of the human tendencies and the word of God which cautions against giving pearls to pigs.
Written by Francis Lovechild Edet